State of the Phish Webinar


2023 State of The Phish: Asia-Pacific Insights

Threat actors constantly look for new ways to outwit victims and bypass defences. The past year has been no different. As businesses rolled out new security controls, cyber criminals responded. They added complex techniques like telephone-oriented attack delivery and MFA bypass. Unknown to most users, these techniques gave cyber attackers a new advantage. And with threat actors constantly upping their game, CISOs and Infosec teams had their work cut out.

Now in its ninth year, our annual State of the Phish report explores end-user security awareness, resilience and risk using survey data from 15 countries. The report benchmarks understanding of common cyber-attacks and defensive tactics. And then it looks at how gaps in knowledge and cyber hygiene enable the real-world attack landscape. Most attacks target people before they target systems.

Watch our experts discuss:

  • Learnings from the 2022 threat landscape and the report highlights for the Asia-Pacific region
  • Common user vulnerabilities such as knowledge gaps and security habit
  • How to improve cyber resilience by building and sustaining a security-aware culture at every level.