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Break the Attack Chain – How to protect New Zealand Government Agencies against email fraud attacks

Email is today’s most important business communication channel. For most New Zealand organisations, it’s also their No 1 threat vector.

Unfortunately, email fraud can destroy an agency’s brand reputation and consumer trust in a matter of minutes. That’s why the New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) has stipulated that New Zealand agencies must comply with its recommended changes to DKIM controls and DMARC controls and policy settings.

Whilst more than half of the 291 New Zealand government sector domains now have a valid DMARC record in place, the bulk of these DMARC deployments are in reporting mode, with just 21% of domains in active enforcement mode*, still leaving many agencies at considerable risk.

Join this webinar, to learn from our experts about:

  • What adoption means from a security posture perspective
  • Global adoption trends with DMARC in Government
  • How to get started with DMARC

In addition, we will have an expert present who will discuss the lessons learned from implementing DMARC for the Victorian Government. This will be a great opportunity for you to deep dive on any implementation questions you might have.