Cyber Outlook 2023: Practical tips for tackling the year ahead


Cyber Outlook 2023: Practical tips for tackling the year ahead

Cyber-attacks pummelled organisations across the region in 2022. In APAC alone we saw large Australian organisations suffer from major data breaches, SMS phishing attacks in Singapore and even the New Zealand Government compromised by a third-party attack.

Ransomware, nation-state actors, and supply chain vulnerabilities were just some of the multiplying threats observed in APAC, so based on what happened during 2022, what is the cyber outlook for 2023 and what can we do to better prepare and protect ourselves?

Watch as Proofpoint experts look ahead and offer some thoughts, share proven best practices and provide practical recommendations on how to deal with what we can expect, including:

  • The growth and trajectory of Smishing and Vishing
  • What new technologies, including A.I. Chatbots and Deepfake Technology, mean for cybersecurity
  • MFA Bypass Attacks and other new avenues for potential breaches
  • How attackers are exploiting the Supply Chain, and how to preserve trust in third party partners, channels, and applications
  • How Boards and the C-Suite can address increasing onerous Cyber Regulatory and Compliance