Augment Microsoft 365 Defence


Effective Ways to Augment Your Microsoft 365 Defence

Microsoft Office 365 allows your people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, but that freedom creates security issues. Default email and cloud security features in M365 lack the forensics to accurately identify threats and lack the insights to understand the cyber risks that people pose to your organisation.

If you are looking for an easy security add-on to reduce risks on Microsoft 365 and potentially avoid infrastructure changes (such as changing your MX record), then this webinar is for you.

Watch as Jennifer Cheng, Director of Product Marketing for Proofpoint Asia-Pacific outlines ways that Proofpoint can help you augment your M365 defence. Topics covered include:

  • How you can get visibility into all email and cloud threats targeting your organisation
  • How to best block and remediate phishing, BEC, account takeover, supplier attacks and others that bypass Microsoft's defences
  • How businesses have adopted a people-centric security model to communicate and reduce risk