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How to Navigate Insider Risk: Top Tips from Gartner's Market Guide

Insider threats may initially appear to be just like any other threat, but the big difference is that insiders are in a position of trust. So how do you deal with these malicious or accidental threats that come from people within the organisation? 

Join Proofpoint’s experts Brian Reed (former Gartner's cybersecurity expert) and Albert Lee, Director Information Protection at Proofpoint APAC, as they discuss the top tips from Gartner’s new report on Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions.You will learn:

  • The “Rule of Three” for insider threats (including threat types, threat activities, and mitigation goals)
  • How to employ an insider threat mitigation program comprising people, processes, and technology
  • Considerations when purchasing insider risk management technology

Discover what you need to know about insider threats, how to protect your organisation and navigate these risks.