Human Factor APJ



Cybersecurity, Ransomware and Email Fraud in a Year that Changed the World

Every day, we analyse more than 2.2 billion email messages, 35 billion URLs, 200 million attachments, 35 million cloud accounts and trillions of data points in all across all the digital channels. The findings of a year’s worth of valuable threat research culminates in one of the largest and most diverse datasets in cybersecurity - yearly showcased in ‘The Human Factor Report’. Join us as we review the latest report findings, and examine the ways in which attacks have evolved to maximise their success rate, and the emerging technical and social attacker techniques that are highly effective at both engaging, and compromising, users.

In this session, we’ll share:

  • Evolving trends in threat actor capability, techniques and efficacy, and their laser focus on the user to massively increase user click rates
  • Examples of recent attacks and lures, and how attackers leverage behavioural science to bypass security training
  • Statistics that enable you to baseline your organisation against your peers
  • Actionable insight on how to better protect your people against these threats