Live Demo: A People-Centric Approach to Insider Threat Management


Live Demo Data Protection Webinar. Reduce Insider Threat Risk.

Insider threats are quickly becoming one of the biggest cybersecurity threats that organizations face today. According to the 2020 DBIR Report, 30% of all data breaches breaches originated with insiders in the past year.

Insider threats are so common because anyone with legitimate, trusted access to an organization’s systems and data – whether it’s careless users, disgruntled employees or compromised accounts – can become an insider threat.

Join Damian Skeeles and Shlomi Shaki in this data protection webinar from Proofpoint Insider Threat Management to discover how easy it can be to protect your data and reduce the risk of insider threats.

In this webinar covering insider threat protection, you will learn:

  • How to better understand and respond to insider-caused data breaches
  • What it takes to effectively prevent data loss in the modern enterprise
  • Methodologies to reduce investigation times by 60-90%