Power Series: Improving M365 Security with Proofpoint


Power Series: Mitigating Data Loss and Insider Threats

Insider threats are the top cybersecurity concern among chief information security officers (CISOs) globally, according to the Proofpoint 2022 Voice of the CISO report. Digital transformation, work-from-anywhere environments and employee turnover are increasing insider risk. As the modern way of working shifts, more data is generated and cloud adoption accelerates, CISOs are questioning if their legacy solutions can meet today’s demands. There is one constant factor among these ongoing shifts: people. After all, data doesn’t lose itself; people lose data. And more than half the time, insider threats can be attributed to careless users. These users unknowingly or unintentionally impact an organisation’s data or systems negatively.

Watch as our panel of experts discuss:

  • How to identify common DLP and insider threat use cases
  • How context helps prevent data loss and insider threats
  • The importance of a program-first approach supported by strong technology controls
  • Best practices for building DLP and Insider Threat programs