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Power Series: Building a Strong Security Culture

According to Proofpoint’s 2023 State of the Phish Report, only 56% of organisations have conducted formal security awareness training. And yet,  58% of employees know what the term Phishing is, which suggests that training alone may not be as effective as we want it to be. Moreover, most people believe it’s the cybersecurity team’s sole responsibility to keep the organisation safe. It’s a common challenge for security professionals to change that mindset. 

Having a strong security culture can not only help drive behavior change but also impact what users believe. So how can your organisation go beyond training and start building a security culture?

Watch as our panelists discuss:

  • The challenges of traditional training 
  • What could impact security culture
  • How to get executive support 
  • What CISOs can do to help build a strong culture
  • Signs of a strong culture and metrics to track