Proofpoint Power Series


Power Series: Protecting the #1 Data Loss Vector

They’re not a new problem, but misdirected emails data loss is a leading cause of both compliance violations for GDPR and HIPAA and accidental data loss. Are you worried about a physician sending the wrong health record to a patient? Or HR exposing confidential data via email to a wrong but similar-looking contact name? According to Ponemon research, 65% of all data loss incidents occurred via email in 2022. Nearly two-thirds of organizations experienced data loss or exfiltration due to an employee mistake on email. Security teams take 48 hours, on average, to detect and remediate a data loss incident caused by employee carelessness.

Watch as our panel of experts discuss:

  • How and why simple mistakes in email have become the #1 cause of fines and other serious consequences due to data loss
  • Why new AI- and behavior-based approaches can augment Microsoft and Google’s native capabilities to finally solve this problem
  • How you can help all your users become defenders of your organization’s data, lowering the burden on your analysts and reducing risk