Employee Security Awareness Training – Your Best Line of Defence

Cybercriminals are continually refining their approaches to social engineering with well-crafted lures and schemes that regularly trick even your most savvy users.  Proofpoint research shows that 99% of attacks rely on your users taking some form of action, be it clicking a link, entering their credentials or even running their code.

So how can you better protect yourself, your organisation, and your end users?

Join us as we walk you through how we’re taking Proofpoint’s expertise in the email security space and applying it to our Security Awareness Training solutions to lower your people-centric risk. With this webinar you’ll get a better understanding of:

  • How to measure your susceptibility to attack through the number 1 threat vector, email.
  • How to deliver a customised security awareness program to drive new behaviours and help your people be an effective last line of defence
  • How to enable your employees to quickly report suspicious email messages with one tap
  • How you can automate your security response to suspicious email reports, saving precious time and stopping attacks with closed-loop email analysis and response (CLEAR)