State of the Phish Webinar


The State of The Phish In Asia-Pacific: 2023 Insights, Part Two

By popular demand, we hosted Part Two of our ninth annual State of the Phish webinar where our experts delved deeper into the topics that we didn’t have time to discuss in our first webinar, including an in-depth look at the latest threat landscape, and rising threats such as MFA phishing, BEC, ransomware and TOAD attacks.

Based on an analysis of anonymised data from 135M simulated phishing attacks as well as more than 18M phishing emails reported by our customers’ end users, we provided insights into common user vulnerabilities such as knowledge gaps and security habits. We also shared how you can effectively mitigate these vulnerabilities with best practice security awareness education and controls.

Watch our Cybersecurity experts discuss:

  • The 2022 threat landscape in Asia-Pacific – complex attack techniques targeting people
  • User vulnerabilities from multiple angles
  • How organisations are delivering security education and ways to improve program success
  • Security controls that help defend against human-activated threats