Thieves Bearing Emails


Thieves Bearing Emails: How to Protect Your Organisation from Modern Robbery

While the cybersecurity headlines are dominated by high-profile ransomware cases, surveys and studies continue to point out that Business Email Compromise and Fraud are lucrative areas of crime that professional gangs continue extract significant amounts of money from organisations across Asia Pacific.

According to our 2022 State of the Phish Report, bad actors were very busy in 2021, with a 20% increase in Business Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.  These criminals are nimble and use a wide array of techniques to have funds redirected, payments siphoned and compromise supply chain – ranging from audacious confidence tricks to technical concealment.

Listen to Proofpoint’s experts who will examine the latest trends in this landscape and deliver critical information on the technicalbusiness and process measures you can put place to:

  • Identify areas of improvement in your technical controls
  • Engage with the business on uplifting processes commonly abused by scammers and educate key users 
  • Bring trust to email via authentication 
  • Embrace intelligence on your suppliers to uplift your posture and benefit your supply chain.
  • Help protect your company’s Brand and reputation – as well as your customers’