Why Organizations Need Enterprise Information Archiving and How Proofpoint Helps

What’s your first thought when you read the SNIA’s definition of an archive? It’s described as a “collection of data objects...in a storage system whose primary purpose is the long-term preservation and retention of that data.” Why, right? Well, the answer is that it depends.

In this webinar, we’ll explore this answer. We’ll also journey back a few decades to archiving origins and trace the progression from on-prem to modern cloud-native solutions. As a bonus, we’ll end with a peek into recent enhancements to Enterprise Archive. These include key features in E-Discovery Analytics and Intelligent Supervision.

You’ll learn:

  • How archiving has evolved to address today’s information management challenges
  • What primary use cases archiving solves for and why it’s a must-have technology for organizations like yours
  • Why Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is the choice of thousands of customers worldwide for long-term information retention

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