2023 Board of Directors Report

White Paper

Cybersecurity: The 2023 Board Perspective Report

High-profile data breaches, devastating attacks on the supply chain, and a growing volume of state-sponsored threats have made cybersecurity a board-level issue. Now more than ever, boards of directors must understand cybersecurity—and how their CISO's expectations, priorities and needs help shape it. Cybersecurity: The 2023 Board Perspective report shines a light on how boards are managing this evolving landscape. Our annual survey reveals the beliefs, experiences and insights of 650 board members across the globe. You’ll learn: 

  • How well boards understand the threat landscape
  • How prepared they feel their organisations are to cope with an attack 
  • What threats they’re most concerned about
  • Whether their relationships with their CISOs have improved or diminished over the past year

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