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Customize Your Security Education Content with Training Jackets

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We're excited to introduce further customization options for Wombat's Security Education Platform, in the form of a new feature "Training Jackets." Training Jackets are content and images you can add to the beginning and end of any licensed Wombat Security training module.

All Training Jackets can include images/logos, PDF and Word documents, links, and text. There are three types of Training Jackets: 

  • Front Training Jackets: Add your own content and images to the beginning of any training module.
  • Back Training Jackets: Add your own content and images to the end of any training module. This content can optionally include a policy acknowledgement feature, which can link to the policy externally or be included within the back Training Jacket as a Word document or PDF. When you choose the policy acknowledgement option, this feature enables employees to review and accept company policies. We offer a policy acknowledgement report, so you can see which end users accepted the policy.
  • Certificate Training Jackets: This feature can be used either with the back Training Jacket or without it. The certificate content can be saved or printed by the end user once they have completed training.

The Training Jackets allow customers to take full advantage of our purpose-written, research-based content while still being able to offer personalized and custom content that is specific to their corporate culture.

What a front Training Jacket looks like:


If you would like to request a demo of the Training Jackets in our Security Education Platform, click here.

If you are an existing customer and would like more information about setting up Training Jackets, contact support@wombatsecurity.com.