Infographic: Help Users Understand Ransomware and Prevent Infections

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Last updated: September 21, 2018


Although countless news and media outlets have written about the ramifications of ransomware attacks, many end users still don't fully appreciate the danger. They don't seem to realize the effect that an infection could have on them personally, as well as on their organizations at large. 

As we've discussed in prior posts, ransomware infections are delivered via some of the same means as other cybersecurity attacks — most commonly, phishing emails, compromised websites, and vulnerability exploits. However, the immediate impact to files and business activities makes ransomware particularly dangerous.

To help raise awareness of the issue, we've created the following infographic, which explains what a ransomware attack is, highlights the pervasiveness of this type of malware, and offers tips for prevention and protection. This is an excellent piece to pair with our Protecting Against Ransomware mini-module, which provides interactive education about this very dangerous and disruptive threat.

Please share with your employees as part of your security awareness training initiatives.



Want to access a PDF version of this infographic? Click below.