Rethink Your Mimecast Email Security

Learn why organisations are moving from Mimecast to Proofpoint to protect their people and organisation

Proofpoint gives you protection and visibility for your greatest cybersecurity risk—your people

If your organization is invested in Mimecast Email Security, you may need to rethink your security measures.

Threat Protection

Prevent threats and stop account compromise

Proofpoint gives you comprehensive protection against cloud and email threats targeting your people. With our NexusAI machine learning, we perform dynamic traffic, header, and message content analysis. This allows you to identify and block domain spoofing, display name spoofing and typo-squatting attacks. You can also detect threats targeting your cloud accounts through the detection of suspicious cloud log-ins, broad file sharing and risky third-party applications.

Protect against email and cloud threats

Detailed Visibility

Gain unique Insights into your attack risk

Only Proofpoint provides threat intelligence that spans email, cloud, network, mobile and social media. The Proofpoint Nexus Threat Graph of community-based intelligence contains more than a trillion data points that correlate cyber-attack campaigns across diverse industries and geographies. You can easily leverage this insight through the Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Threat Dashboard. You also gain other unique insights at the organisation and user level.

Ease of use

Achieve operational effectiveness

Proofpoint provides out-of-the-box value with preconfigured policies. Our NexusAI machine learning continuously learns and adapts to the landscape, which alleviates administrative duties for your security team. And we don’t require administrators to self-configure their policies through difficult to maintain Boolean logic.

Why Choose Proofpoint

Keep up with the current threat landscape

These days, there’s relentless focus on cloud account compromise. And there are numerous variations of business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) attacks.

There are also increasingly sophisticated attacks on Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite accounts, along with legitimate filesharing abuse, which is prevalent in Microsoft 365.

Get dynamic protection against BEC and EAC threats

BEC and EAC are a $26 billion dollar problem.

We address every angle of these deceptive and hard-to-detect threats, providing you with more than 20 detection techniques. And we give you visibility into suspicious cloud account logins, broad file sharing and risky third-party applications.

Boost your operational effectiveness

Get out-of-the-box value with our preconfigured policies. And gain actionable intelligence on security measures, so you can better protect your organization.

What’s more, you get easy-to-use search functionality for messages and an automated email response process through user-submitted emails.

Leverage our shared threat intelligence

We provide you with real-time sharing of threat intelligence from the No. 1 deployed solution across the Fortune 100, Fortune 1000, and Global 2000.

With more than 140,000 customers worldwide, we’re the market leader in email. And we lead in other vectors as well, including cloud, network and social.

Experience a comprehensive security platform

We help you remediate risk with our comprehensive orchestration and automation capabilities. And you get protection across digital channels, including web, social media and the dark net.

We also extend your security team with exclusive access to our cyber threat analysts.

Get peace of mind with our world-class support

We provide you with:

  • Full installation and customisation
  • Access to the latest industry trends and best practices
  • 24/7/365 support

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