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Advanced Email Security

  • Implement a multilayered defense to detect and stop threats, including phishing, business email compromise (BEC), ransomware and other malware.
  • Catch emerging and highly targeted threats before they get to your user’s inbox with advanced AI detection and threat intelligence.
  • Get detailed forensics on threats targeting your people including threat actor tactics, techniques and objectives.
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A Unique People-centric Approach

Smart Adaptive Controls and High Efficacy

  • Get actionable clarity into who is being targeted and what threats are targeting them.
  • Strategically deploy adaptive controls such as email warning tags, security awareness training, browser isolation and more to high-risk users.
  • Automate remediation of malicious and unwanted emails post-delivery, including those in user and abuse mailboxes.


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Comprehensive Visibility

Insider Threat Management (ITM) and Enterprise DLP

  • Gain deep visibility into sensitive content, user risk and cloud threats.
  • Deploy quickly and manage easily.
  • Accelerate investigations and response. 
  • Control access to systems and data in real time without adversely affecting user productivity. 
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