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Taking Supervisory Review to the Next Level with NexusAI for Compliance

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When I interviewed compliance professionals performing a supervisory review to enable regulatory compliance, I was shocked to hear about the sheer volume of data needing review. From hundreds of thousands of flagged messages annually to tens of thousands every day. And only a minute fraction warranting any kind of immediate action or remediation.

The challenge is efficiently and effectively digging through your “haystack” of flagged data for risk. You’ve got to separate low-risk content (“noise”) from riskier stuff. It’s an extremely manual process, exacerbated by the fact that 90% or more is likely noise. While many supervision systems do an admirable job at flagging potentially risky content, few, if any, offer fully integrated solutions that can cost-effectively take review to the next level and successfully deal with your “noise” problems, until now.

With Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance, we help you to significantly reduce low-value noise. Unlike other compute-intensive, costly alternatives that try to find proverbial “needles” that are risks in your haystack, we’ve got a different approach – use machine learning models to remove as much of the noise from your haystack, so you’re left with only “buckets of straw” (your new review queue) instead. It can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your review team, allowing you to focus on meaningful sources of potential risk.

Fun analogies aside, results from early customers have been compelling. One assessed us against a legacy solution without machine learning, and they found that by deploying Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision with NexusAI for Compliance, they could reduce their noise by 66%. A Director of IT confided, “Our initial focus with NexusAI for Compliance has been getting rid of the noise – false positives – reducing reviewer fatigue, because that’s where the errors come in.” And there you have it – quantitative and qualitative benefits already achieved!

If you’d like to learn how Proofpoint archiving, supervision, and e-discovery technology can help you improve regulatory compliance and investigations/litigation readiness, watch our new video, Proofpoint NexusAI Powering People-Centric Compliance Solutions. If you’re ready for more information about Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance, contact Proofpoint Sales or visit

And watch out for those haystacks!