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Rise above low-value supervision content

To get to meaningful content that can help you mitigate risk, you first need to plough through low-value content and disclaimers. This costs you time, money and effort. Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance can help significantly reduce these false positives by using machine learning.


Focus review on your true sources of risk using machine learning

Adaptive targeted culling

Unlike other solutions that try to find the proverbial “needles in haystacks,” NexusAI for Compliance uses adaptive targeted culling to safely remove as much of the “message haystack” from reviewer queues as possible. It does this by automatically applying insights trained from past reviewer decisions and experience. Early testing has shown as much as 50% reduction in false positives. This means you can reduce reviewer fatigue—which contributes to human error—and spend more of your time on high-value content.

  • Get secondary scoring from auto-review models for each flagging rule from Intelligent Supervision
  • Compare model decisions with reviewer decisions using reporting from the efficacy of models in evaluation mode
  • Automatically clear low-scoring items from the review queue
  • Automatically escalate high-scoring items to avoid a first-pass review

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Automate policy refinement

It’s easy for your review queues to get inundated with content, such as standard text, that your supervision rules are designed to flag. And things like automated notifications are another type of low-risk content that clutters your review queue. With NexusAI for Compliance, you can automatically detect and avoid new disclaimers and new senders of low-value content to prevent future false positives.

  • Automatically detect low-value content and senders for administrative review to get faster integration into your configuration
  • AI-powered suggestions give you visibility into low-value supervision content that should be excluded



Supervise everyone intelligently

With NexusAI for Compliance, you get a cost-effective way to extend machine learning insights across all your monitored users. This is unlike other solutions with restrictive licensing fees. These can limit deployments and miss meaningful insights. NexusAI for Compliance scales to meet your evolving compliance requirements. And it improves the ROI for supervising users. What’s more, it gains in value as you train it on new scenarios that are relevant to your business.

  • Get immediate value with out-of-the-box models without investment in specialized training
  • Focus on the data and insights, rather than infrastructure and its maintenance with its scalable framework for model evaluation and execution

Flexible ecosystem

With NexusAI for Compliance, you can easily tune your data and risk scenarios. It gives you the power of out-of-the-box or custom machine learning models. And it improves the effectiveness of your regulatory compliance posture. And with Proofpoint Professional Services, you can simplify your deployment. This helps you speed up time to value and reduce the costs of maintaining your own data science team for mitigating compliance risk.

  • Gain quick time-to-value with out-of-the-box models
  • Engage Proofpoint Professional Services to build custom models for your unique scenarios and data
  • Empower your team to increase supervision effectiveness by building in-house models that leverage their unique insights

Enhancing Intelligent Supervision

NexusAI for Compliance is an add-on to Intelligent Supervision. It improves the supervisory workflow that you’ve already established with Proofpoint archiving and supervision technology. And only the messages and content that are flagged by Intelligent Supervision will be evaluated by machine learning models and scored. For those that meet the specific thresholds configured in Intelligent Supervision, you can set up various actions as outcomes. These include clear from review, leave in queue for human review, or escalate.

  • Experience innovative machine learning technology integrated with proven rule-based protection in one unified platform
  • Gain deeper insights into flagged issues with real-time, archive-wide search capabilities
  • Show and convey proof of compliance with extensive reporting and auditing on reviewer flows and remediations
  • Export data in analytics-ready format to build and refine additional models

Augmented supervision

Extend your existing Proofpoint deployment with machine learning to significantly reduce low-value supervision content.

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People-centric compliance

Combine advanced supervision with Proofpoint capture, archiving and e-discovery solutions to mitigate risk.

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Continuous improvement

Train solution on new scenarios relevant to your business, improving accuracy and machine learning model performance over time.

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Proofpoint NexusAI Powering People-Centric Compliance Solutions