New E-Discovery and Supervision Capabilities Featured in Latest Proofpoint Release

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Today, Proofpoint released Enterprise Archive 5.0, our modern, cloud-native archiving software for delivering secure, long-term information retention to meet your compliance, e-discovery and supervision needs.

In this post, we review the top two enhancements—Compliance Risk Dashboard and Case Management—and provide resources for how you can learn more about the benefits of Enterprise Archive 5.0 for your organisation.

Pinpoint Major Risks with Compliance Risk Dashboard

Why do you need Compliance Risk Dashboard?

While it’s true that highly regulated industries like financial services need supervision to help ensure regulatory compliance and provide proof of compliance, what’s not apparent to many is the broader application of the technology. Regulations aside, think about the widespread policies your organisation has and the implications that violations, whether deliberate or innocent, can bring.

For example, if you’re a hospital, you might not want your staff to share pictures of patients on social media, well intended or not. If you’re a pharmaceutical company, you might not want your scientists to share trade secret information over email outside the company. This is not Data Loss Prevention, which by the way, Proofpoint also offers. We’re talking about having an ability to monitor business digital communications for opportunities for training or targeted actions, which can help improve employee performance, reduce policy violations, and much more.

From a functional perspective, the new dashboard helps your compliance staff be more effective in what they do, which ultimately helps you to better ensure compliance and mitigate risks. You launch the Compliance Risk Dashboard via the same interface from which users access archive services. And it’s nicely aligned with Proofpoint’s people-centric approach to security and compliance, helping customers to mitigate critical risks across the content that matters most to them, from email to the cloud to social media and the web.


How does Compliance Risk Dashboard work?

Introduced with optional Intelligent Supervision, the Compliance Risk Dashboard is a feature that offers a new way to easily visualise key elements of your supervision risk profile. It enables you to quickly identify major compliance risks, ascertain monitored staff violation frequency, and track violation trends over specified time periods. What’s more, you’re able to dive deeper into further detail by simply clicking in each of the focus areas of the dashboard.

Enhance Tracking and Visibility with Case Management

Why do you need Case Management?

Organisations looking to improve e-discovery process efficiencies and reduce related costs absolutely need advanced features like Case Management to perform more processing and analysis upstream in house. It helps you to more effectively orchestrate your e-discovery response and collaborate on tasks.

What fascinates me most about the feature is, like the Compliance Risk Dashboard mentioned above, it’s delivered via the same interface from which all users access archive services. Depending on role(s) assigned, a user can access his personal archive, basic e-discovery capabilities, advanced E-Discovery Analytics features such as Case Management, Intelligent Supervision features, and/or archive administration, all from the same interface, without having to move data from one application or feature module to another! Now that’s truly single-pane-of-glass control for archiving!dashboard

How does Case Management work?

Introduced with optional E-Discovery Analytics, Case Management is a feature that enables you to organise individual e-discovery elements, such as searches, holds, folders and exports, into a case for enhanced tracking and visibility. It provides an intuitive dashboard, highlighting the status of tasks, key dates to consider, what custodians are involved, related review sets, and export details. You can provision users accordingly to limit their purview to the archive to only what’s relevant for their assigned case.

Learn more

The key new features in this blog and other Release 5.0 enhancements are available today. For more information about Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, visit our landing page on or contact your Proofpoint Archiving & Compliance Specialist or authorised reseller. Existing customers can access Release 5.0 documentation via the Proofpoint Support Portal and training from Proofpoint Level UP!.