Information Protection

Information Protection

Information protection applies security solutions and other technologies, as well as processes and policies, to secure information. You get data protection against accidental mistakes, attacks and insider risk across your cloud services, email, endpoint, cloud apps, web, and on-premises and shared cloud repositories. It brings together content, threat and behavior insights and gives you a people-centric approach to data loss prevention (DLP). It provides you with fast time to value and optimizes the user experience with a modern architecture that’s easy to deploy and maintain.

Identity Threat Defense

Find, track and safeguard data in email, cloud applications, endpoints, on-premises file shares and SharePoint

Content inspection

Get complete visibility into your data

You can rely on our cross-channel DLP detectors. They’ve been honed for nearly 15 years, and they’re augmented by AI-powered data classification. This means you get a wide range of built-in templates and detection techniques. These include pre-trained AI-powered classifiers, dictionaries, regex, Smart IDs, proximity matching, exact data matching, metadata tagging and file fingerprinting.

With these tools, you can easily comply with information and data protection rules across a range of industries, such as PCI, HIPAA and GDPR. You can also protect your complex business-critical documents, such as intellectual property, legal documents and M&A agreements.

User behavior

Leverage the power of context

With context, you gain instant knowledge of the “who, what, when, why and where” around alerts and what actually happened. You know where files or data originated, where they are moved to, and through what means—providing you with insight into what your end user is doing. And by correlating your user activity and data movement, your security team is empowered to move quickly to keep protected information safe against data loss and address insider threats.

Threat insights

Strengthen data protection against external sources of risk

Having leading threat intelligence built into your DLP helps you understand if your protected information or data is at risk due a user whose account has been compromised or is about to be compromised. Leveraging our Nexus threat graph, we combine  Proofpoint Threat Intelligence across email, cloud and other telemetry to help you respond quickly in moments of data exfiltration, which is when time is of the essence.

Incident management

Streamline your incident management

You can easily monitor and manage your DLP incidents across multiple channels with visibility across content, user behavior and threat telemetry. It all happens from a single console. What’s more, you can quickly resolve incidents with both a detailed view and in-console, channel-specific resolution options.

Modern architecture

Experience fast time-to-value with a cloud-native platform

Proofpoint Information Protection is built on a modern software architecture that supports enterprise-class deployment worldwide. It’s easy to implement, cloud-based, and provides you with fast time to value. Using our in-line methods, APIs, and isolation, it gives you the visibility and enforcement you need for your cloud apps. What’s more, our lightweight endpoint sensors eliminate the resource-heavy approach of traditional solutions. It provides information security all while meeting your regional data sovereignty and privacy needs.


Proofpoint Information Protection

Prevent data loss across key channels and investigate insider violations, so you can secure sensitive data and meet compliance requirements.

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Features and Benefits

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Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Address the full range of data risk from negligent, compromised and malicious users with our unique approach that combines content, behavior and threat telemetry.

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Email Data Loss Prevention

Leverage our pre-built policies and deep content scanning to easily detect and manage sensitive data in email.

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Email Encryption

Communicate securely through policy-based email and attachment encryption. Seamless mobile access and self-service key revocation mean transparency for users.

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Cloud App Security Broker

Risk-aware data protection and advanced threat protection for cloud apps such as Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Google G Suite, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more.

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Insider Threat Management

Protect information against data loss, malicious acts, and brand damage involving insiders acting maliciously, negligently, or unknowingly on the endpoint.

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Intelligent Classification and Protection

Identify your files with business-critical data on premises or in the cloud, get actionable prioritization to reduce your risk exposure, and ultimately optimize your cross-channel DLP.

Unlike standalone AI solutions, Intelligent Classification and Protection builds upon your people-centric strategy to protect against data risk caused by careless, compromised or malicious users.

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Data discover

Quickly discover exposed sensitive and confidential data in on-premises file shares and SharePoint sites. Visualize and automate remediation.

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