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“Hackable Me” Season 2 Returns to Explore the True Costs of Cybercrime

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How is a Bitcoin promotional scam related to a 17-year-old from Florida and a Twitter employee?

Find out in the new season of Proofpoint’s Hackable Me podcast!

Proofpoint’s award-winning podcast returns for a riveting second season to explore the true financial and emotional costs of cybercrime. This season we delve into topics such as the money spent by a team of attackers to initiate an attack, what a business pays as a ransom, and money lost by businesses in downtime.

Over the past two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, people have changed the way we work and live on the internet. In turn, cybercriminals have taken advantage of human fallibility. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Annual Cyber Threat Report 2020-21 says more than 75% of the 67,500 incidents are pandemic-related cybercrime reports that involved Australians losing money or personal information. Even at Proofpoint, we are working tirelessly to organizations stay ahead of the threat landscape, and defend theirs and our remote workforces.

As Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s former Prime Minster, tells us this season, “There's no substitute for awareness and paying attention to your own cyber security… someone can be absolutely the best, most honest, decent person in the world. But if they are careless, they can do a lot of damage.” Other featured guests who also lend their perspectives include a deceived homebuyer, a professor in cybersecurity and behaviour, and global cyber experts in Australia and Singapore.

The Hackable Me series is designed to educate our audience on the realities of cybercrime and, more importantly, provide listeners with practical tips on how to become resilient. Whether attackers are using phishing or smishing to steal credentials or access your devices, the hope is that the cautionary stories shared here can spare you the headache of financial loss or heartache of being conned.

The second season of “Hackable Me” is available now on SpotifyAcastApple Podcasts or on your preferred podcast player. Visit www.proofpoint.com/hackableme to take the Hack-Wise Test and catch the latest episodes!