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AI & Automation – The Future of Information Protection

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(Updated on 7/26/2022)

Data security is a never-ending race. Attackers and malware authors constantly find new ways to penetrate network defences while security experts and software vendors work furiously to plug gaps and innovate new solutions to prevent security breaches.

Sometimes, the black-hat operators pull into the lead. We’ve seen that in recent years: Cyber attacks have soared with security teams struggling to meet the needs of distributed workforces. Ransomware has also proven to be especially dangerous during the coronavirus crisis. Companies and organisations like hospitals are more willing than usual to pay large sums to retrieve stolen data.

But sometimes, the good guys take the lead. We’re seeing a new wave of innovation, powered by AI and automation, enabling organisations to make their data security far more robust without having to dedicate ever-greater amounts of time and resources to their cybersecurity efforts.

AI-powered data classification and protection give the good guys the advantage. That’s because it eliminates much of the scope for human error: Proofpoint’s automated data classification tools, for instance, take over the whole process of tagging sensitive data, removing a critical failure point for your broader security operations. Better yet, because the process is automated, it takes place at computer speed, not human speed, allowing you to process and protect data 10,000 times faster than before.

That frees up your human agents to focus on the places where their experience and judgement are most useful, preventing burnout and giving them another critical advantage in the race to beat cyber criminals. And because Proofpoint Intelligent Classification and Protection automates Microsoft Information Protection labelling for your files and augments Proofpoint Enterprise DLP, your automated capabilities ripple through your whole organisation to boost security wherever your data is at rest, in motion, or in use.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a definitive victory over cyber criminals; no matter how good your security, they’ll always find new exploits and vulnerabilities. But with Proofpoint on your side and AI and automation tools at your disposal, you can gain a game-changing advantage over anyone trying to access or misuse your data. The race never ends — but with Proofpoint, you can feel confident that you’ll always come out ahead.

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