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Proofpoint and XenDesktop 7 Let You Watch What Your Mobile Users Do in Your Business Apps from Anywhere at Anytime

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observeit and xendesktop 7

These days, we see more and more organisations moving their business applications to the cloud and allowing business users to access them from their mobile devices. That means that unlike the old days when business applications were accessed only from the office and when organisations had control over who had physical access to the office premises, now anyone who has application credentials can access business data anytime, anywhere. While these move to the cloud does increase productivity, mobile access also significantly increases the risks related to stolen credentials or even malicious employees sharing sensitive business data to anyone through their mobile device.

To combat these risks, it is important to track what is being done by those users who access sensitive business from outside the office premises, as well as after working hours. With the new XenDesktop 7 and Proofpoint Session Recording, organisations can now provide a secure method of accessing sensitive data from mobile devices while maintaining the ability to keep tabs on each mobile user’s activity. Proofpoint Session Recoding provides video playback of any activity that a mobile user performs while working on any XenDesktop, XenServer as well as XenApp. Proofpoint’s unique session recording goes beyond simply acting like a virtual surveillance camera, the system also transcribes each user action into an easy-to-read summary so that it’s not necessary to watch the video to know what took place. Furthermore, detailed session data is immediately available for free-text keyword searching; administrators can search for names of applications run, windows opened, URLs accessed, text typed/edited/selected, checkboxes clicked and much more. Every resulting search hit is linked directly to the portion of the video where that action occurred – so the video can be played back and watched right at the moment of interest.

This provides organisation with ways to mitigate the risk of mobile users while improving business user productivity.

Together, XenDesktop 7 and Proofpoint Session Recording give organisations:

  • Easier compliance accountability – Monitor and audit local and remote user activity to satisfy PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001 security requirements.
  • Total remote vendor monitoring – Review and search remote vendor sessions to ensure that vendors are meeting their obligations and posing no risks to the organisation.
  • Improved IT security and early data breach detection – Custom real-time alerts and integration with SIEM/NMS systems provide early warning of both human error and malicious actions.