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Proofpoint ITM for Citrix – The Smart Replacement for Citrix SmartAuditor

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Proofpoint's session recording system captures video of all on-screen activity while users work in Citrix XenApppublished applications and on XenDesktop virtual desktops – with technology that’s quite a bit smarter than SmartAuditor!  Proofpoint is the best alternative to replace Citrix SmartAuditor.

Proofpoint records user activities – in every application and system area – so that administrators, IT troubleshooters and auditors can replay any session, just as if someone had been standing over the user’s shoulder with a video camera in hand.

Video Activity Analysis

Proofpoint knows that while a video is great forensic evidence of any actions that took place, no one has time to sit and watch hours and hours of video. So Proofpoint dives into the video and analyses what took place. It then provides you with an easy-to-read summary of the user’s actions. Just like chapters on a DVD, each action in the summary links to the exact point in the video that the action took place. So you can start watching right at the moment of interest, not the entire session.

Furthermore, this data is immediately available for free-text keyword searching: you can search for names of applications run, windows opened, URLs accessed, keystrokes typed, check-boxes clicked and much more. Every resulting search hit is linked directly to the portion of the video where that action occurred! This makes it incredibly easy to find the exact moment that an action was performed from among thousands of hours of video.

No other product on the market offers these must-have user auditing features!

ObserveIT for Citrix – The Smart Replacement for Citrix SmartAuditor Citrix Ready

Proofpooint is certified Citrix Ready for recording and analysing session activity in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktopenvironments. This certified integration ensures a reliable, full-featured user recording solution for all XenApp (any edition, not just Platinum!) and XenDesktop users.

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