New Cybersecurity Podcast Series: Tackling User Behaviour

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Attackers are going after your users because it's easier to go after people than find and exploit a technical vulnerability. With 99% of attacks requiring human activation to be successful, it's more important than ever to understand user behaviour. If you've been following along in our #TacklingUserBehavior series, this news isn't a surprise.

In this final episode of this security awareness training series, we asked our guests, "Where do you even start with a company-wide training program?" They dove into where to begin and gave three don'ts to keep in mind:

  1. Don't skip the basics 
  2. Don't try to accomplish everything 
  3. Don't be boring

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In each of our cybersecurity podcast episodes, we've talked with experts on the problems and solutions in changing user behaviour and reducing your organization's risk. Listen to all our conversations in the links below.

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#TacklingUserBehavior 2: Navigating the Complex Privacy Landscape

#TacklingUserBehavior 3: Death to Death by PowerPoint

#TacklingUserBehavior 4: Symphony in Your Security Awareness Program

To learn more about user vulnerability and behaviour, download the 2020 User Risk Report.