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Proofpoint Announces Two New Holistic Solutions for Business Email Compromise, Email Account Compromise and Cloud Security

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The best way to solve a complex problem is to address different pain points with a single, versatile solution. We’re excited to announce two new product innovations that help our customers do just that, defending against the $26B Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) problem and offering robust cloud security.

An Integrated Solution to Combat BEC and EAC

By combining Proofpoint’s leading secure email gateway, advanced threat protection, threat response, email authentication, security awareness training and cloud account protection, we have brought to market the industry’s first integrated, end-to-end solution that addresses BEC and EAC.

Proofpoint is committed to investing organically and inorganically to ensure that our customers have the best-in-class solution to combat the ever-changing threat landscape. We not only reinvest approximately 20% of annual revenue back into R&D—one of the highest percentages in the industry—but also have recently acquired a number of innovative companies.

This commitment allows us to build out a portfolio of solutions to holistically tackle BEC and EAC. Employing narrow tactics that address individual components of this problem isn’t an option.

Instead, you need your email gateway integrated with your security awareness training solution; you need your security awareness training solution orchestrated with your threat response solution; you need your cloud account protection tied in together with your email gateway via your advanced threat protection solution.

And this is where Proofpoint thrives, providing our customers with a fully integrated solution to address BEC and EAC. Click here to learn more about our unique approach.

Addressing Cloud Security – Data Loss, Compromised Accounts and Shadow IT

This world of Email Security, however, is no longer standalone. The adoption of cloud for email services has resulted in the explosion of EAC losses, but it is also spilling over to the adjacent world of cloud security.

The attackers are now combining both email and cloud vectors—a single weaponized email can lead to an infiltrated cloud email account which is also the cloud file storage account. Compromised Accounts and Data Loss immediately come to mind through this lateral movement from email to cloud applications.

In response, Proofpoint also announced today innovations on Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) to help secure applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google’s G Suite, Box, Slack, Amazon Web Services and more. In addition to monitoring over 10 million cloud accounts, Proofpoint provides a unique risk-aware, people-centered approach that gives organizations visibility and control over cloud apps while allowing security teams to deploy cloud services with confidence.

The latest Proofpoint’s CASB innovations to address Threat Protection, Data Security and App Governance in the cloud include:

  • New automated detection and remediation of malicious third-party applications in Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. This innovation will help stop attacks that may start by email and launch apps that provide attackers with persistent system permissions and access
  • Expanded suspicious file activity detection for Microsoft Office 365 through integration with Proofpoint threat intelligence
  • Two risk-based access enhancements that detect if a user device is unmanaged and restricting access—and the ability to determine risk levels during login and respond with adaptive controls, such as multi-factor authentication
  • Increased shadow IT visibility into 46,000 applications with more than 50 attributes per app
  • Enhanced real-time data loss prevention (DLP) for approved apps through an integration with Proofpoint Browser Isolation

Today’s attacks are highly personal and multifaceted. Investing in siloed solutions that address different aspects of these attacks is insufficient. To learn more about Proofpoint’s holistic approach contact us here.