Proofpoint Digital Risk Introduces Executive and Location Threat Monitoring

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A company’s executives and offices are focal points for unhappy customers, activist groups, cybercriminals, and disgruntled employees who want to do harm. These risks to your executives and locations are difficult to manage without visibility. Organisations need to monitor social media and web spheres, such as deep, dark, and surface web, to gain visibility into all relevant threats.

Proofpoint Executive and Location Threat Monitoring helps you gain situational awareness of potential threats against your key executives and locations. Our solution crawls the far reaches of the digital world-spanning millions of web pages and social sites daily to help you get in front of threats, whether they are planned, imminent, or occurring in real-time.

“We have a long legacy of protecting accounts but our customers have wanted us to monitor more and to look for threats beyond what's happening on their accounts. This new capability allows us to look beyond specific accounts to surface issues that a company would not normally see,” said Dan Nadir, VP of Product for Proofpoint Digital Risk. “The big difference with our approach is that we filter out the noise. 'Listening' tools give you a steady feed of content, but it is up to you to filter for what is relevant. Proofpoint does this for you.”

According to Proofpoint Digital Risk research:

  • 84% of Top Fortune 500 CEOs were victims of threats and hate speech on Twitter and the dark web in February 2018
  • 50% of top Proofpoint executive customers encountered email compromise, doxing, and confidential data exposure (e.g. think, private corporate email threads made public) on the deep and dark web before monitoring was enabled

Targeted cybersecurity threats represent one of the greatest challenges to information security. Gaining access to your executives’ privileged credentials (dubbed “the keys to the kingdom”) can give cybercriminals the foothold they need to orchestrate such an attack. Key executive emails and passwords can be sold and purchased on the dark web, which can lead to account compromise and exploitation of your company’s confidential information.

For the safety of your employees and customers, your organisation also needs to be aware of real-time threats and events in and around your key locations, such as your corporate headquarters and retail sites. This can include malls, parking lots, business parks, and frequently accessed locations. While these threats are out of your company’s control, you can manage the risks when your company is made aware and has a plan to monitor and mitigate.


In our modern, digitally-connected world, cybercriminals can easily identify the key people in your organisation, threaten them, steal their information or plan attacks on your corporate offices. Learn how your security team can reduce the risks and protect your executives and corporate locations with Proofpoint Digital Risk