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Executive and Location Threat Monitoring

Monitoring across social media and deep, dark, surface web for visibility into all relevant threats to your key employees and locations.


Proofpoint Executive and Location Threat Monitoring helps you gain situational awareness of potential threats against your key executives and locations. Our solution crawls the far reaches of the digital world spanning millions of web pages and social sites daily to help you get in front of threats, whether they are planned, imminent, or occurring in real-time.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Digital Landscape Coverage

Proofpoint Executive and Location Threat Monitoring uses a highly scalable detection system that provides in-depth scanning across all digital channels, including:

  • Social media
  • Surface web
  • Deep web
  • Dark web



Superior Visibility to Assess Risk

Our solution provides detailed visibility of the threats to your key personnel and physical assets. When a threatening or damaging message is posted, it is assigned a classification by risk category to help you to assess:


  • Physical threats to employees and locations
  • Potential protests
  • Doxing incidents
  • Reputation impact
  • Email compromise
  • Fraudulent executive accounts

Sophisticated Analysis Eliminates Noise

Our threat intelligence systems analyze more than 15 million deep, dark, and surface web pages daily and applies over 125 natural-language-processing algorithms to monitor content and identify security threats, executive impersonation, and other risks to your executives and locations.

We discover the most critical and relevant threats and eliminate the noise of false positives and non-threatening web chatter. 


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