Global Biotech Company Secures Employee Privacy and Corporate IP

Proofpoint Prevents Webmail Threats from Compromising Security, Privacy and Corporate Assets
The Challenge
  • Protect corporate IP, trade secrets and other sensitive data
  • Prevent cyber threats from entering the company via employees’ personal webmail and internet browsing
  • Maintain compliance with dozens of global privacy regulations
The Solution
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Isolation Personal Webmail Defense
The Results
  • Users were happier and more productive because they could use the internet freely
  • Threats are stopped before reaching the company’s network
  • Employees’ personal webmail stays private
  • IT can monitor activity and collect without violating workers’ privacy
  • Global compliance is streamlined

The Challenge

Like most global companies, the biotech company counts on friction-free collaboration. Employees work across a wide spectrum of functions. And they communicate in diverse ways. Email, social media, desktop solutions, telephony, messaging, cloud-based apps and internet services are all essential. But each one poses potential threats to intellectual property, trade secrets and other critical data.

The IT team was looking to keep people productive with the latest services and tools. But it was a tricky balancing act. Employees wanted to use the internet without constraints. The company needed to protect its systems and data while complying with data privacy laws around the world.

“We used web filtering and other solutions,” said the company’s chief information officer. “But addressing security in a tactical manner is not sustainable. We needed to mature our security strategy and become more systemic in our approach.”

“Proofpoint provided a complete solution that addressed all of the threats we had been experiencing. It gave us the visibility we needed, the automation to handle threats effectively, and the ability to respond quickly.”

Senior systems administrator

The Solution

Blurring the lines between personal and professional

Employees routinely use web email services to check their personal email at work. Personal web browsing comingles with business on corporate devices. This mix opens the door to web-based attacks.

The biotech giant’s IT and security teams had few options to protect assets. They could either block webmail or deploy content inspection tools. But both encroached on user privacy and frustrated workers. IT was flooded with requests for policy exceptions. Even worse, the tools were just tactical solutions. They didn’t address the broader range of cyber threats and privacy requirements.

“We needed a way to allow employees to safely access, share and make decisions based on reliable, accessible information,” said the company’s chief information officer. “At the same time, we needed a solution that we could manage and control without exposing it to employees. We chose Proofpoint TAP Isolation Personal Webmail Defense.”

Protection with privacy

Personal Webmail Defense protects users from advanced threats in personal webmail. It stops threats that use malicious attachments and URLs to download malware. At the same time, it provides a web isolation service that eliminates risk to corporate assets. And it does all of this while maintaining employee privacy.

With Personal Webmail Defense, the IT team could monitor and collect data without worrying about inadvertently collecting personal data. Now they can tailor policies to meet local data privacy regulations around the world, greatly simplifying compliance.

The Results

Secure employees, safer company

This biotech company solved multiple problems with one solution. Personal Webmail Defense makes workers happier, safer and more productive. Employees can browse the web freely, and threats don’t reach the company’s environment. Personal Webmail Defense keeps personal webmail personal. And it makes it much easier to ensure compliance.

“Proofpoint TAP Isolation Personal Webmail Defense makes it simple to protect our company and employees without compromising their internet freedom and privacy,” said the Chief Information Officer. “Now employees contribute to the company’s safety and security. Proofpoint enabled us to make a fundamental shift in security and solve a really tricky problem.”

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