Proofpoint Patrol

Compliance and Archiving

The Content Patrol social media monitoring solution makes it easy for you to monitor, remediate and report on social media compliance at scale. It provides you with intelligent classifiers, automated workflows and intuitive reporting. You get complete visibility into social activity and the ability to remediate compliance violations quickly.

Features and Benefits

Scalable compliance for social media

Meet Supervision Rules

The Content Patrol social media suite simplifies content supervision for social media. Our compliance policy templates, which cover FCA, FINRA, SEC, IIROC, and more, help you adopt best practices that you can begin enforcing right away. Our social media monitoring tools quickly alert you to compliance risks on monitored accounts. And we provide flexible options for remediating problematic content without the cost of a team of moderators.

Manage Profiles

With Proofpoint, you can supervise and monitor social media profiles at scale. We provide flexible review and approval options and integrate directly with social platforms and publishing tools. The result is a seamless experience for your employees and time savings for you.

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Demonstrate Compliance

More than just social media monitoring software, Content Patrol provides you with clear, easy-to-access data that outlines your compliance policy enforcement and social media risk areas. And you can use our pre-built report templates to demonstrate your company’s social media compliance.

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