Proofpoint Patrol

Compliance and Archiving

Digital Compliance

Proofpoint Patrol is an award-winning risk solution that makes it easy for you to monitor, remediate and report on compliance across your organisation’s digital footprint. With its intelligent classifiers, Proofpoint Patrol can automate your content screening. It also remediates any problematic content after the fact. And it ensures a record of it all makes it into your archive for storage and e-discovery.

The challenges with digital content

Employees count on using social media, text messaging and more to prospect and engage with clients. But with that comes unique challenges. Risky behaviour can easily go viral on public channels. And the sheer volume and pace of communications makes it difficult to scale your supervision.


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With Proofpoint Patrol, you can:

  • Stop compliance risks automatically before they’re transmitted
  • Provide a streamlined workflow for static or interactive content that requires staff review across multiple digital platforms
  • Automatically remove problematic content that makes its way to mobile and text messaging and public platforms, such as social media sites

Features and Benefits

Scalable compliance for social media

Meet supervision rules and protect your brand

With Proofpoint Patrol, you can simplify your content supervision for digital platforms. Our compliance policy templates, covering FCA, FINRA, SEC, IIROC and more, help you adopt best practices that you can begin enforcing right away. Get alerted quickly to compliance risks on monitored accounts. And save the cost of moderators with our remediation options.

Proofpoint Patrol allows you to control the content of both outbound and inbound posts. You can eliminate objectionable or inappropriate language, harassment, religious or political statements, defamatory comments and more. This helps you protect your brand and create a more customer friendly, interactive community.

You can:

  • Pre-review, remediate and monitor social media posts in real time
  • Enable one-click, corporate-approved posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and mobile and text messaging
  • Analyse text, images, links and more with our AI-powered content classification engine
  • Automatically or manually remove content directly from monitored social media accounts
  • Create custom policies for regulatory or internal corporate rules as needed
  • Reduce false positives by analysing the context of phrases and words
  • Detect when employees use unapproved publishing tools

Manage Profiles

With Proofpoint, you can supervise and monitor your social media profiles at scale. And we make it easy to automate identities by policies and/or provision channels by accounts.

You get flexible review and approval options that integrate directly with social platforms and publishing tools. The result is a seamless experience for your employees and time savings for you.

You can:

  • Give users immediate feedback on problematic content without human interaction
  • Implement pre-review or post-review options
  • Make changes directly to profiles or route feedback to employees
  • Approve all, some or none of the profile content
  • Monitor for profile changes
  • Automatically or manually revert unapproved changes
  • Automatically apply disclaimers and disclosures

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Compliance for mobile and text messaging

With Proofpoint Patrol for Text, you get all the benefits of the Proofpoint Patrol technology and compliance engine to support mobile and text messaging apps.

Proofpoint Capture for Text allows you to capture, transform and deliver native text messages into communications threads for archiving purposes. And it can deliver normalized messages to the Proofpoint Archive or any electronic third-party content store.

Both Proofpoint Patrol and Capture for Text can integrate with any third-party business messaging solution. And they immediately align those platforms with your existing compliance and record-keeping policies.

You can:

  • Empower your employees to use mobile and text messaging while staying compliant
  • Detect policy violations for mobile and text messaging before they happen
  • Protect against an array of violations, such as inappropriate language and harassment
  • Get regulatory guidance, as well as custom rule support for IP and trade secrets, insider trading activities and more
  • Analyse text, images, links and more with our AI-powered content classification engine
  • Adhere to record-keeping and archiving requirements
  • Get support for in-house applications or via text messaging integrators

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