What Does it Mean to be Compliant
with Social Media & Digital Assets?

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Recorded live on Dec. 7th, 2021

More companies are allowing employees to engage with customers and prospects over social media. Ensuring that everything posted about a company is compliant and embodies the brand’s values is a growing challenge.

Deleting an errant post is easy—recovering from it is harder. Many social media mistakes are nothing more than embarrassing missteps. The missteps can trigger regulatory sanctions, fines, or litigation, as well as cause lasting harm to customers and reputational damage to the brand.

Join our experts to learn how organizations can understand what it means to be compliant on social media, given the changing landscape and how to scale to surveil and review increasingly large amounts of daily communications online. 

In this 30-minute session, we’ll discuss:

  • Which business unit(s) are stakeholders in a company’s social media program
  • How automated policies in Social Media surveillance software can reduce the amount of daily review and not inhibit timely business communications
  • Monitoring digital assets (beyond social media) intended to communicate, collaborate, or solicit information
  • How to effectively comply with regulatory and internal guidelines without limiting social media presence and interactions online
  • Build a defensible and litigation-ready social media strategy and protect brand reputation