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SaaS Protection

Deploy software-as-a-service apps with confidence. Get proven SaaS data security that safeguards your data, keeps you compliant, and blocks advanced threats.


Protect the way your people work by safeguarding cloud-hosted email and applications with a SaaS data security solution. Proofpoint SaaS Protection secures data in your SaaS apps. We combine threat detection, data-loss prevention (DLP), third-party app control, encryption, access control, and analytics to help you protect Microsoft Office 365, Google’s G Suite, and more.

Next-Generation Threat Detection

Prevent, detect and contain, attacks on your SaaS-powered collaboration apps—wherever they start with a SaaS email and app security solution. With the industry’s broadest range of timely and accurate threat data, no one is better at helping you stop today’s threats, which often span multiple vectors. An email-based attack can easily cross over into SaaS-powered collaboration apps that let users share, download and upload sensitive data.

With a SaaS Data Security and Protection solution, you gain insight across all the tools your people use. Our threat intel includes data from Email, Mobile apps, Social media, Network, and SaaS apps. With predictive and real-time sandboxing, static code analysis, and threat insights, we prevent threats from accessing your content within SaaS applications. Embrace SaaS applications with confidence with SaaS Protection.

Man Using iPad to Analyse SaaS Email and App Security

Third-Party Add-On Controls

See add-ons that your users have installed and control which ones can access your SaaS data. Most SaaS apps have a huge array of third-party add-ons that can connect to it. While most are available from the SaaS app vendor’s marketplace and screened, many are not. Users who install and grant permission for these add-ons may unknowingly expose your organisation to security and compliance risks. These add-ons can access and copy data from your SaaS infrastructure. 

SaaS Data Security and Protection:

  • Actively runs and observe behaviour of more than 45 million applications in the cloud.
  • Provides a risk score based on the behaviour it observes
  • Applies the same scrutiny and protection across the vast range of third-party apps you use across Office 365, G Suite, giving you total transparency and control 

Integrated SaaS Data Security & Protection

We make it easy to protect data and stay compliant in today’s complex SaaS environments.

Protect your sensitive data using built-in classification templates for PCI, PII, PHI and more. You can also create custom templates and policies to cover your unique use cases. Based on those policies, you can encrypt, quarantine, and leverage data context controls to reduce the risk of overly broad permissions, sharing sensitive data into private accounts, mass data exports, and more.

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Woman Analyses SaaS Data Security Logs

Automated Risk-Based Response

SaaS Protection empowers your people access data from many locations, networks, devices, and clients. We help reduce security and compliance risks across all of your digital channels.

With automated policy-based response actions, you can:

  • Establish a session risk score for individual users based on behavioural and contextual analytics 
  • Prevent unauthorized or risky access with risk-based policies that can trigger alerts, step-up authentication, reduce privileges and more
  • Detect unknown SaaS applications being used in your environment by analysing information from firewalls and proxies

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