Security Awareness Training Modules, Videos and Materials

Security Awareness Training

Deliver targeted training that’s based on actual threats, user behavior and knowledge gaps. This enables you to change your users’ behavior without wasting their time. We’ve built our vast library of content using Learning Science Principles.This ensures effective learning and retention by keeping your users actively engaged throughout the training. And our industry-leading Customization Center allows you to tailor your user training for your specific needs. At the same time, it ensures that its efficacy is maintained.

Maximize your limited training time

Most organizations have a budget of 1-2 hours per user per year for their security awareness program. We provide you with video, interactive and game-based training modules that take only 5-15 minutes for your users to complete. And each one focuses on a specific topic to ensure that your users are learning. Unlike most passive video training, our training quizzes your users throughout the lesson. This ensures that they’re engaged and understanding the content.

With our training, you can:

  • Tailor the training modules to your organization’s needs with our self-service Customization Center. You can customize most text, images, screens and questions while ensuring its efficacy is maintained with our industry-first Learning Science Evaluator.
  • Choose from a library of interactive, video and game-based training modules localized and translated with regional references in 35+ languages.
  • Browse, download and customize thousands of security awareness materials. These includes posters, images, infographics, awareness videos, newsletters, articles and more to reinforce what users have already learned from training.
  • Set up training assignments based on the results of simulated attacks or knowledge assessments. This allows you to conduct training based on your need and focus your program.
  • Provide your users with training on any connected mobile device. Our interactive and game-based training modules conform to US Section 508 standard and WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance. This ensures your low and non-visual users can be included in training.

Types of Content Available

Interactive, Video, and Game-Based Training Modules

Security Awareness Training Modules, Videos, and Materials

Our award-winning training modules are available in gaming, interactive and video formats. They are designed with Learning Science Principles to drive behavior change and keep your users engaged throughout the session.

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TeachPrivacy and The Defence Works

Proofpoint PSAT TeacPrivacy Defence Works

Proofpoint acquired The Defence Works to provide you with a diverse selection of entertaining and humorous content. This helps you engage your users in new ways. You can expect new training modules, expanded languages, and other engaging training content from The Defence Works in the future.

We’ve also partnered with TeachPrivacy to provide you with compliance and privacy awareness training. The TeachPrivacy team has deep domain expertise on privacy regulations and requirements. And they actively track regulatory changes and enforcement. Their rich privacy content enables you to combine your security and privacy awareness training. And all of these capabilities give you the ability to tailor programs for your unique operations and cultures.

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Attack Spotlight

Security Awareness Training Modules, Videos, and Materials

Attack Spotlight provides you with free, actionable content designed to arm your users against the most relevant real-world phishing attacks, lures and techniques being seen in the wild from Proofpoint threat intelligence. With timely content, your users can be educated soon after new types of attacks are spotted. This keeps them aware and ahead of the latest threats.

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Security Awareness Materials

Security Awareness Training Modules, Videos, and Materials

Our security awareness materials are available in a range of content types. These include threat alerts, videos, posters, flyers, images, infographics, newsletters, articles, postcards and more. They reinforce your education initiatives and keep security top of mind. You can download native files and adjust them as desired. This makes it easy for you to add your logo/branding, customize text and more.

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Program Materials

Our program materials provide you with expert guidance for your program administrators. This includes targeted communications to your key stakeholders and users about the importance of security education and how they should participate.

Best Practices: Our best practices documentation helps your program administrators drive the most effective behavior change. It doesn’t matter if your program is new or has been in place for a while. This content provides information about suggested plans, best practices and FAQs about running a program.

Campaigns: Our campaigns simplify your administration and ensure a curated user experience. They include all the internal communication resources and content you need. This allows you to deliver a multichannel security awareness-related initiative in your organization.

Keys to Success: These podcasts, webinars, research and other content are for administrators. This helps them describe the value of security awareness training to key audiences, get buy-in for more training, guide consequence model discussions and more.

Presentations: Our scripted and prerecorded presentations cover various topics, such as phishing, identity theft and email reporting. Your administrators can use these for in-person or online training sessions.

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Raise security awareness in your organization with our training modules, videos and security awareness materials. Try demo versions of our content now.

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Security Awareness Training Library

We offer a wide selection of video, interactive and game-based training modules in our comprehensive library. This is in addition to our The Defence Works content and TeachPrivacy partnership capabilities. And all of our security awareness and program materials reinforce the training. View our current library’s offerings to see how you can engage your end users.

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