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Targeted Attack Protection for Personal Webmail Defence


Simplicity at the core and built on Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), Personal Webmail Defence (PWD) protects you and your employees across personal webmail and browsing activities across the broader web.

Features and Benefits

Personal Webmail Defence (PWD) is the simplest personal email security product to deploy and manage and empowers you to protect hundreds of thousands of users in days — not weeks or months. Proofpoint webmail defence uses the cloud to instantly update our software every day to incorporate new features and help you stay ahead of attackers. Key benefits of PWD include:

  • 100% Cloud‐based
  • No software to deploy or manage
  • No configuration or integration required
  • No-registration (IP whitelist) or self-registration (email)

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Web Isolation Technology (100% Cloud)

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Personal Webmail Defence (PWD) uses Proofpoint’s extensive threat intelligence capabilities to extend advanced email security to personal webmail and to the broader web through URL Isolation. All URL links inside personal webmail are protected by Proofpoint TAP Personal Webmail Defence which both inspects the URL for malicious links and renders the website using web isolation technology, giving us unmatched intelligence across corporate and personal email. Browsing happens in the cloud rather than directly on the employee's computer.

No external content is allowed to execute on the computer (e.g., JavaScript, Active Content).

URL links inside personal webmail are protected by URL Isolation technology.

Potentially risky actions are prohibited such as downloads and uploads.

Progressive Management of Personal Web Use

PWD provides a web isolation service that just works; without exception. As a result, companies are now able to respect the privacy of their employees without introducing additional risk to the organisation. It's a win-win for both the employer and the employee.

  • Near zero risk to corporate assets – no need to inspect and track.
  • Employee privacy can be protected.
  • Regulatory compliance is greatly simplified. 

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Enable Content Inspection & Security Monitoring Controls

Employers have a legitimate need to monitor employee business activity to protect from cyber threats. Eliminating personal webmail as a source for cyber threats enables companies to reduce their potential exposure. Additionally, Personal Webmail Defence (PWD) enables secure and robust data monitoring and collection programs without the risk of inadvertently collecting personal data.

  • Monitor what matters without violating compliance standards.
  • Inspect remaining web traffic outside of PWD safely.
  • Expand your cyber threat monitoring and control programs, without collecting personal webmail traffic.

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