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Partial Security is Not Security

Stop advanced attacks, mitigate their impact, and keep your business running.

Email threats are evolving. Are your defenses?

Ransomware, email fraud, and email downtime threaten your business—and your bottom line. Your current tools might help with some aspects of email security or stop some attacks. But you need to solve your entire email threat problem, not just parts of it..

Proofpoint Advanced Email Security is a complete solution for email threats and continuity. No other email defense protects you against a broader range of advanced email threats.

Email fraud and credential phishing

Stop email attacks that exploit human nature rather than technical vulnerabilities.

stop email fraud attacks

Malware and Ransomware

Stop advanced threats delivered through malicious attachments and URL—before they reach the inbox.

fight advanced malware

Fast, effective response

No defense can stop every attack. Reduce the impact with encryption, fast response and rich threat intel.

respond to threats

See the threats you've been missing

Uncover gaps in your current email security tools.