From cloud compromise to cloud confidence


How to Stop Cloud Threats by Leveraging CASB with People-Centric Cybersecurity

As more enterprise data and workloads migrate to the cloud, security needs and practices continue to evolve. The perceived “big risks” – shadow IT and the security practices of SaaS companies – have been surpassed by attacks on individual cloud users and data. The good news? There are reliable, high fidelity ways to detect and mitigate cloud threats and risks to data.

Join Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research and Ryan Kalember, SVP of cybersecurity at Proofpoint as they discuss how to leverage a CASB to mitigate cloud threats and risks, and learn about:

  • How the industry’s conceptions of what matters in cloud security have evolved, from the initial emphasis on shadow IT and the security practices of cloud vendors to the current focus on the identity-defined perimeter
  • What the most successful and prevalent attack vectors are in the cloud, from brute force attacks to new forms of phishing that bypass multi-factor authentication
  • What to look for in a CASB solution to mitigate the risks your organization is likely to face
  • Engaging employees through creative programming, recognition, and incentives

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