State of the Phish - EMEA


The State of the Phish: A Look at User Awareness, Vulnerability and Resilience

As the global pandemic enters its second year, IT and infosec teams continue to face challenges on all sides. On top of “ordinary” cybersecurity issues, they’re dealing with an explosion of pandemic-themed phishing scams and a surge in ransomware attacks. How well prepared are users?

Join us as we cover the findings of Proofpoint’s 7th annual State of the Phish report which delivers actionable insights resulting from: a global survey of 3,500 professionals across over 6 countries; analysis of over 60 million simulated phishing attacks and over 15 million suspect emails reported via the Proofpoint’s PhishAlarm.

In this 30 minute session, we will dive into:

  • The end-user awareness and knowledge gaps that could be negatively impacting your defences
  • What infosec professionals are experiencing as a result of phishing attacks and ways they’re attempting to combat these threats
  • The best practices for delivering phishing awareness training and success tracking

Attendees will receive a copy of Proofpoint’s 7th annual State of the Phish report.