Proofpoint Releases Free Cybersecurity Awareness Month Training Program

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and is a great time to raise awareness about the importance of protecting your most important asset: your people. To help, Proofpoint is launching a free cybersecurity awareness training program to empower employees to protect themselves against today’s threats.

While we have a full security awareness training solution used by thousands worldwide, we believe all organizations should have tools to educate their end users as part of our people-centric approach to cybersecurity.

This free, all-inclusive phishing awareness kit includes:

  • An end-user facing poster, newsletter, and phishing decision tree infographic 
  • An educational blog post, “3 Tips to Avoid Phishing and Business Email Compromise”
  • A security awareness training video, “60 seconds to better security”
  • A PowerPoint recording and slide deck with a script for a webinar  
  • Attack Spotlight awareness modules and PDFs. Our Attack Spotlight content is part of Proofpoint’s ongoing series designed to make end users aware of the most dangerous cyber threats targeting our customers around the world. 

You can download this free Cybersecurity Awareness Month Program now and get the message out for October and beyond.

While the kit is a great start, a continuous cybersecurity training program run year-round will deliver much more impactful results to reduce your end-user risk. Every day, end users are exposed to thousands of messages. To keep security top-of-mind it’s important to reinforce your message continuously via multiple channels. 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can reduce your people-centric risk all year with Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, request a demo and see how we can deliver results for your organization.