Proofpoint Phishing Awareness Kit

Awareness Material

Phishing Awareness Kit

Engage and educate your users with our free toolkit

Are your users protected from dangerous phishing attacks? To help you protect them, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is offering a free Phishing Awareness Kit. This helpful kit provides the tools you need to engage your users and turn them into a strong line of defense against phishing attacks and other cyber threats.

This toolkit includes:

  • A communications plan to help your administrators roll out the kit materials
  • A poster, newsletter and phishing decision tree infographic for your end users
  • A blog post: 3 Tips to Avoid Phishing and Business Email Compromise
  • A Defence Works video: Phishing Emails in Real Life
  • A PowerPoint recording and slide deck with a script for a webinar
  • Attack Spotlight awareness modules and PDFs—part of our ongoing series designed to make users aware of the most dangerous and trending lures