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Investigate Unreconciled Messages Faster with Updated Compliance Gateway Reporting

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Capturing and storing your business communications can get complex. This is especially true when you are capturing content from multiple communication channels across thousands of employees. A single disruption or change in one of your content sources can easily lead to gaps in retention. And those gaps can lead to costly regulatory fines. Proofpoint Compliance Gateway provides visibility into your content stream, so you can ensure captured communications are received by downstream services.

Customers with Compliance Gateway strive to achieve zero unreconciled messages. This metric is a key indicator that all messages are being captured by their archive or supervision solution.  However, when confronted with unreconciled messages, it can sometimes be challenging to determine where in the message or data flow the issue occurred.  You face questions such as:

  • Was the message successfully delivered downstream?
  • Was there an issue processing the message downstream?
  • Was there an issue uploading the ingestion report?

To help you expedite investigations of unreconciled messages, we enhanced Compliance Gateway reporting to include a new details file.

The new details file makes it more efficient to investigate missing content. The file provides a timestamp for the latest delivery attempt. It also includes the delivery status for any messages as they are resubmitted. With this enhancement, you can quickly check to see if your Compliance Gateway successfully delivered a message downstream. Once you identify the missing content source, you can open support tickets with the appropriate provider.  

Here’s a sample of the information included in the new DSN details report:

[] [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (<11111111-a1a1-1111-1a11-1a1aaa11a11a@journal.report.generator> [InternalId=11111111111111, Hostname=m0000001.domain.net] 22493497 bytes in 9.266, 2370.566 KB/sec Queued mail for delivery)

Using this new report, you can quickly evaluate downstream delivery and focus your investigative efforts where they can be most productive. We are confident that this new report will greatly simplify and improve the efficiency of your investigations.

For feedback on the new report, please reach out to compliance@proofpoint.com. For more information on Compliance Gateway, go here.