The Proofpoint-Trusted Data Solutions Partnership

Considering standing up a new archive? One of the top priorities you must consider is data migration – what must be moved to your new archive, what may be retained in legacy systems to be deleted eventually, based on retention period or release from legal hold, and how well the migration experience and receiving archive align with your existing and long-term requirements. Once you determine these strategic details, you need a migration vendor with experience and expertise to guide you from initial engagement to project initiation and ultimately to successful production. Yes, standing up a new archive requires careful and diligent planning, and Proofpoint and TDS can help, particularly when it comes to migrating off legacy on-premises archives like Dell EMC SourceOne, which will end of life soon.

Proofpoint is pleased to partner with Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) for data extraction and migration from Microsoft 365 or legacy archives to Proofpoint Archive. TDS is a recognised leader in this space. With over 20+ years of email archive migration experience, they’ve delivered more than 5,500 projects – including Dell EMC SourceOne projects – with Evolve by TDS. Developed in-house by industry experts, Evolve is a high-performance, Windows-based application that ensures intelligent, compliant, and secure migration of your email archive. Don’t settle for a cumbersome, outdated archive with no future. Contact us now to learn options for migrating.