Premium Services

Premium Services

Let our skilled experts protect people and defend data in your organization with their proactive expertise, operational continuity and deeper insights.

Managed Email Threat Protection

Proofpoint Managed Email Threat Protection helps you get the most out of your investment in Proofpoint email security and threat protection products. This includes Email Protection, Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP). Let our skilled experts continually tune your systems, rules and policies to stay ahead of advanced attacks in email. We also provide regular reports to show your executives and Board how your security posture is improving over time.

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Managed Information Protection

Proofpoint Managed Information Protection provides you with highly skilled experts to co-manage your Proofpoint information protection products. This includes Cloud App Security Broker (CASB), Email DLP, Endpoint DLP, Insider Threat Management (ITM), and Enterprise DLP. You can reduce operational burdens from system management to policy governance to incident triage. It also provides executive summaries and reports to show stakeholders how your investment is producing healthy returns.

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Managed Security Awareness

Proofpoint Managed Security Awareness provides you with a dedicated resource who will take care of designing, adapting, and maintaining a security awareness programme tailored to your business goals and needs. Let Proofpoint bring our expertise in cybersecurity to help you run phishing simulations, perform knowledge assessments, and assign training modules to your users based on real-world threats and risk. Periodic reporting will be delivered to show how your activities impact cultural and behavioural change among your employees.

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Managed Abuse Mailbox

Proofpoint Managed Abuse Mailbox offers a comprehensive solution for handling suspicious emails within your organisation. Our team of experts is dedicated to managing and reviewing user-submitted messages, ensuring a prompt and accurate disposition for those lacking clear classifications. With a commitment to a six-hour service-level objective (SLO) and a 24x7 operational model, our service minimises the burden on your IT teams, allowing them to focus on higher-value cybersecurity initiatives. Regular reports are provided to showcase the effectiveness of our Managed Abuse Mailbox in identifying and mitigating potential threats, reducing risk and liability for your organisation.

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Recurring Consultative Services

Proofpoint Recurring Consultative Services (RCS) provides Proofpoint professional services on retainer, to be available on a regularly scheduled basis (8, 16 or 32 hours per month options) when a much deeper level of expertise is needed. RCS is best for organisations that need supplemental guidance or dedicated help to address a variety of challenges in today's changing and complex security landscape. This may include activities such as ongoing tuning of data loss prevention (DLP) rules, implementing advanced email routing, or monitoring supervision policies over time.

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Technical Account Management

Proofpoint Technical Account Managers (TAM) can help you make the most of your technology investments with Proofpoint. TAMs provide weekly, ongoing assistance to optimise, integrate and maintain your Proofpoint deployment. You gain deep technical expertise, real-world insight from our vast customer base and the best threat intelligence in the industry, focused on your unique environment and business needs.

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Threat Intelligence Services

Proofpoint Threat Intelligence Services (TIS) provides deep situational understanding of the threat landscape and your organisation's place in it. These services enable you to make better security decisions, faster, to avoid business disruption from advanced threats. Proofpoint offers multiple tiers of TIS based on your organisation's needs and desired consumption. At its core, TIS gives you access to a world-class threat analyst providing insights into your organisation's threat landscape, actionable recommendations for mitigating risk, responses to custom threat intelligence inquiries, and bespoke reporting.

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People-Centric Security Programme

With the Proofpoint People-Centric Security Programme, you can boost your people-centric security strategy. The programme is designed to be an ongoing process, where we work with you to deploy controls and assess your position in the threat landscape. We also adapt your security posture to that position and report measurable results.

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