Proactive data loss and insider risk protection

Analyze user behavior and content across all channels to defend data.

Data doesn’t lose itself. People lose it.

Careless users mishandle it. Malicious users walk out the door with it. And compromised user accounts are hijacked to steal it. Transform your information protection programme with an adaptive, human-centric approach that identifies and mitigates risks before they result in a data breach.


of data loss occurs in email


of working adults who changed jobs within the past two years admitted to taking data when they left


of organisations reported at least one incident of insider data loss in 2022

Shift from reactive to proactive

Implement data protection with a modern, multilayered solution that integrates content, context and human behaviour.

  • Defend data and detect risky behaviour from careless, malicious or compromised users.
  • Mitigate reputational damage, customer attrition and compliance risks.
  • Solve insider and data loss use cases across cloud, email and endpoint.
  • Gain actionable insights with AI/ML-powered detection.
  • Reduce operational cost and scale easily with cloud-based architecture.
  • Ensure programme success with proactive expertise.

Key Benefits

Adaptive, AI-powered email data loss prevention

Proofpoint helps prevents accidental and malicious email data loss with an adaptive human-centric approach. Stop misdirected email before it’s sent, keep corporate data from being sent to unauthorised email accounts, identify sensitive content and keep communications flowing with AI-powered analytics and automated policy-based encryption.

Defend data on endpoints and cloud applications

Modernise your DLP program with human-centric data loss prevention across cloud and endpoint. Rich context around content and user behaviour surfaces data exfiltration by careless, malicious and compromised insiders.

Protect against insider threats

Safeguard data from malicious, careless and compromised insiders. Proofpoint gives you the “who, what, where, and when” you need before, during and after an incident to determine user intent and the best response.

Key Features

AI-powered analytics

Proofpoint uses behavioural AI to analyse working relationships and understand the difference between data exfiltration attempts and regular business. Data-informed insights let security teams work with users to improve data-handling hygiene.

Cloud-native deployment

Deploy quickly, operate efficiently and scale with a multitenant API-driven platforms. Proofpoint integrates with Microsoft, Okta, Splunk, ServiceNow and other ecosystem partners. Beyond cloud and endpoint, you can add other channels such as email and web based on needs and budget.

Advanced content inspection

Detect and automatically stop users from broadly sharing sensitive files. Advanced methods for matching content (including exact data matching) and extracting text from images help reduce false positives and false negatives.

Quickly see context and user intent

A timeline view of user activity helps security teams understand context and intent to determine whether users were careless, compromised or malicious. Screenshots of risky user activity provide irrefutable evidence to accelerate investigations.

Real-time user coaching

Pop-up warnings let users know when they’re about to make a mistake. These real-time alerts empower users to correct mistakes, save DLP analysts' time and reduce your risks of financial loss and damaged reputation.

Unified administration and response console

Streamline alert triage, investigations and response with a unified console that provides a sweeping cross-channel view of user and data activity that helps you respond faster and more effectively. A single console manages DLP policies, sets admin controls and creates custom reports for executives and other stakeholders.

Hundreds of built-in identifiers and file types

Scan more than 300 file types out of the box and extend support to new, custom and proprietary file types. Sensitive documents are fingerprinted for full and partial matching—even if the data shows up in a different file format. Prebuilt data identifiers, dictionaries and automated classification make policy-driven protection and remediation easy.

Here are just a few examples of data types we cover:

  • PCI
  • SOX
  • GLBA
  • SEC insider-trading terms
  • GDPR
  • UK-DPA
  • EU-DPD
  • PIPEDA (Canada)
  • U.K. National Insurance Number
  • Japanese credit card numbers
  • PII
  • ICD-9
  • ICD-10
  • ICD-11 National Drug Code


Seamless end-user experience

With Proofpoint, you can easily read and manage encrypted messages through an HTML attachment, web portal or Microsoft Outlook add-in. And for endpoint DLP, our lightweight dual-purpose endpoint agent is reliable, quick to deploy and supports both DLP and insider threat management use cases.

Managed services to shorten time to value

Let our highly skilled experts help you design, implement and comanage your DLP programme. Optimise your technology investment, augment your staff and mature your organisation’s data protection strategy.