Modern identity defense that stops lateral movement

Find and fix your risky identities and attack paths before your adversaries do.

More than 80% of today’s cyberattacks involve compromised users and accounts

Detect and undo account takeovers. Secure privileged user identities and close off attack paths. Get complete defense-in-depth identity security across cloud and on-premises. Discover and remediate identity vulnerabilities, detect initial account compromise, prevent privilege escalation and lateral movement, and automate responses.


of organisations have suffered an identity-related security incident

1 in 6

endpoints have a privileged identity risk that can be exploited


of all organisations were compromised via account takeover in 2022

Discover and resolve identity vulnerabilities before they’re exploited

Detect account compromise, prevent privilege escalation, stop lateral movement and automate incident response. Deploys on premises or in the cloud.

  • Secure vulnerable identities and accounts.
  • Reveal and close off attack paths.
  • Detect and undo account takeovers.
  • Stop attackers’ lateral movement.
  • Respond faster to incidents.

Key Benefits

Find and fix identity vulnerabilities

Discover, prioritise and remediate identity-based vulnerabilities across your environment before attackers exploit them. Improve your organisation’s identity hygiene.

Detect and undo account takeovers

Detect compromised accounts and see how attackers gained control. Minimise intruders’ dwell time and quickly undo any exploitation.

Stop attackers’ lateral movement

Ensnare intruders in a web of deceptions across the enterprise that quickly alerts security teams and gives them the insight they need to respond.

Respond faster with automation

Take back control of compromised accounts:

  • Reverse attackers’ mailbox rule changes
  • Reset access to third-party apps
  • Restore MFA settings

Key Features

Map identity vulnerabilities

See your environment the way attackers do. Get an intruder’s-eye-view of points of exposure, such as:

  • Attack paths
  • Cached credentials
  • Misconfigured admin accounts

Powerful AI, industry-leading threat intel

Detects threats that target accounts and user identities with a blend of:

  • AI and ML
  • Threat intelligence
  • Rule-based analytics

High-fidelity detections through deception

Deploy more than 75 decoy resources that mimic those commonly used to escalate privilege and move laterally. Your web of deceptions become a quagmire to intruders—and a tripwire that alerts your security team.

  • Fake files and file shares
  • Database connections
  • FTP and RDP/SSH connections
  • Browser histories and URLs
  • Windows credentials
  • Network sessions
  • Emails
  • Scripts
  • Teams chats

Easy-to-follow attack timeline

A detailed account of the threat actor’s activity helps security teams analyse account takeovers. See how and when attackers accessed the account and what they did after they took control.

Agentless approach

There’s no agent to deploy—and no way for attackers to detect, disable, or bypass your identity defenses.