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Kicking off our Break the Attack Chain Roadshow in EMEA

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We continue to use the term 'people-centric’ to describe the modern threat landscape and the style of defence required to protect against it. Attackers target people rather than infrastructure and are constantly evolving their techniques – growing broader, bolder, and more integrated over time.

Every cyber threat is unique, but most follow a general sequence of steps known as the ‘attack chain’. Understanding the modern attack chain—and how to disrupt it at every stage—can transform your security posture as threats evolve.

Identity theft is now being used by threat actors to further their cybercriminal gains. Attackers start by targeting your people through attacks like credential phishing emails and by landing malware. Cybercriminals do not need to breach the many layers of defences of an entire organisation. Once they have compromised one employee, one account, one identity, they’ve nearly won. They’re now inside your environment using that identity to move laterally through your organisation to achieve their goals of ransomware or data exfiltration. In other words, identity is the new attack surface, and ultimately, your new perimeter.

To educate organisations on the people-centric attacks they face and how to combat these, we’re excited to announce that this week we have kicked off our Break the Attack Chain Roadshow in 8 cities across EMEA.

Discover how to break the attack chain by securing email and stopping privilege escalation, all while having the opportunity to network with fellow cybersecurity experts. Local and global organisations will have the opportunity to hear from our industry experts and customer speakers to discuss the evolving threat landscape their peers are also facing. We’ll show you how to protect your people and defend your data from advanced email attacks, identity threats, data loss, and more.

Our 2023 Break the Attack Roadshow will be visiting these cities in EMEA over the coming weeks:

Frankfurt, Germany: 21st September 

Milan, Italy: 26th September 

Zurich, Switzerland: 28th September 

London, UK: 28th September

Barcelona, Spain: 5th October 

Rome, Italy: 10th October 

Madrid, Spain: 26th October 

Paris, France: 8th November


Join us for the latest cybersecurity insights and register today for a roadshow near you!

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