Proofpoint Extends Data Residency Capabilities to the Canadian Market

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We are pleased to announce that in addition to providing email protection and information archiving solutions to our Canadian customers, Proofpoint can now also provide its full advanced threat detection capabilities within our Canadian Data Centre. Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, analyze, and block advanced threats targeting people through email using malicious attachments and URLs. It also gives our customers visibility into their most attacked people, providing them with actionable insights, such as actor objectives, and forensic details of an attack. Our detection ensemble, including static analysis, sandboxing, and machine learning-based technology, can now be run from within Canada, satisfying ever-increasing requirements for data residency.

As Canadian organizations work to meet new privacy and data regulations, we want to ensure compliance with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This law states that Canadian organizations must take all reasonable steps to protect Canadian residents from unauthorized uses and disclosures of their personal information while in the hands of a third-party processor. 

A full set of threat protection capabilities is also critical when defending organizations against ransomware, most of which originates in email. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security’s November Cyber Threat Bulletin highlighted the global increase of ransomware attacks, indicating that the estimated average cost of a data breach in Canada is $6.35M CAD. Leveraging Proofpoint to protect against multi-stage malware attacks can provide significant coverage to address the risk of ransomware.

We often hear from clients how Proofpoint is critical to their business, and they have highlighted the importance of increasing capabilities around data resiliency.

“Proofpoint is the backbone of our email security and their people-centric approach to security has upped our game at Centennial College. Its Canadian Data Centre can now deliver additional cybersecurity capabilities, like advanced sandboxing within our home country,” said John Tziortzis, Director, Cybersecurity and Enterprise Systems, Centennial College, which relies on Proofpoint for much of its cybersecurity defense strategy. “Deploying solutions like Targeted Attack Protection in-country enhances our full compliance with PIPEDA while strengthening customer data sovereignty.”

Proofpoint is a proud employer in Canada with over 200 high tech staff who are engaged in the development, support, sales, and design of some of the best cyber solutions available. These teams will continue to grow in 2022 as we further build out our presence in Canada. 

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