Email Account Threats

Protecting Our Customers’ Privacy

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A story recently ran in the Washington Post that raises questions about Proofpoint’s response to a subpoena by the United States Department of Justice for information about certain Washington Post reporters. 

Proofpoint has a policy to comply with lawful legal process as well as a long-standing, deep commitment to protecting our customers’ data and privacy.  In the case of the Washington Post, Proofpoint did not disclose any sensitive records pertaining to Washington Post employees. 

Proofpoint stops email threats but does not provide email services. Law enforcement typically is looking for information from the email services provider. The security and privacy of customer information is of utmost importance to Proofpoint, and we have protocols in place to respond to these inquiries in a manner that protects the interests of our customers and complies with applicable law. 

We remain committed to ensuring that all our stakeholders’ data remains private and secure.